Wah Wah Wah

Published August 23, 2015 by sarcasmica

I havent had a cold in a long time. Now I do and this sucks donkey balls!!!

I held out hope yesterday it was just a sinus reaction to the fires here that have caused thousands and thousands of acres to burn unchecked. 

The air here is thick and brown and stinky. Sadly, there is no rain in the forecast until next weekend. 

So here I lay, surrounded by snot rags, hoping somehow to contain my germs to my own snotty, coughing, nose-blowing bubble. I’d say more -or at least try to be funny about it- but my head is so congested and pressurized with stuffing  there is no room for actual thought.

Apparently I was too frightening to sleep next to, because 10 mins after my husband came to bed, he was gone.

Im going to be positive about it and wait for some water and medicine and breakfast be brought to me in bed.
(and here is likely where i meet my maker from starvation and malnurishment) 


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