Working It..or just working

I have recently begun the adventure of online selling. It’s super small at the moment, I want to see what kind of interest my shop generates before I work my fingers to the bone. Since I’m already volunteering at the bird sanctuary, I have figured out how to use some of the gorgeous feathers that […]

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Do you ever feel like you’re never doing enough? As a stay at home mom whose mother lives with her, I feel like this quite often.  See, I get help. I should have plenty of head space and planning and ability to do it all, but very consistently I do not. Turns out i’m human. […]

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“Go see Grumpy Cat!” The voices in my head shouted at me. “But what about the kids..? I suppose I could take them.” “Yessssss, take the childrenzzz. They will appreciate it and recognize your wonderousnesssss as the mommzies.” I think you know where this is going.  No? Don’t have kids, then, do ya?  On what […]

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Pre-Life Life

As moms sometimes we forget there was a whole other life before children, or BC. Alternatively, maybe you havent forgotten, but it seems everyone else has. I think the latter is more often true.. and how sad! I am a stay at home mom and it is so easy not to talk about the disjointed […]

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Some people like routine. Some people find solace and comfort in having routines.  I am not one of them. Routines are stiffling and suffocating to me. This goes against most parenting tips, by the way. I love spontaneity. I find things get interesting in between a plan and a feeling.  This is not to say […]

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Movie Review: The Martian

If you want to feel really really stupid, go see The Martian. It was a really good movie, it was really well done. They did a good job moving between enough places where you didn’t feel isolated and forgotten on Mars with Matt Damon. However, had you been left on Mars with his character, you […]

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Goodbye Carbs

I’m borderline diabetic. I’ve finally decided to start eating accordingly….. grudgingly. Tonight’s new introduction is acorn squash. I went shopping the other night looking for replacements for our staple (i.e. every single day side) of potatoes/pasta/bread. I keep hearing how amazing spaghetti squash is, so while picking up one of those I got ahead of […]

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Workin’ It

Therapy is a lot of work. There, I said it. Yes, I have a therapist. I have a damned good therapist. My husband and I have gone to counseling for our bigger issues. Issues that gone unmediated could have caused us to split potentially. I’m not ashamed we needed help. We have gone for counseling […]

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