Some people like routine. Some people find solace and comfort in having routines. 

I am not one of them. Routines are stiffling and suffocating to me. This goes against most parenting tips, by the way. I love spontaneity. I find things get interesting in between a plan and a feeling. 

This is not to say i’m flaky. I can make a plan, I just need some wiggle room withing the grand scheme. 

I fail at planning the week’s meals because how do I know on Sunday what i’m going to want for dinner on Thursday?! What if i’m stressed, or the milk smells weird, or one kid develops an allergy? Ok, the last one was stretching it perhaps, but still..if it’s scheduled, I probably don’t want to do it.

This also goes against eating healthy. I’ve prepared what I can ahead (chopped celery that I slather with crunchy peanut butter) but so far I’m feeling pretty mediocre about it all. 

Maybe that’s because mentally I had planned to be a size 10 by now. Come on! 3 months is enough to jump nearly losing one digit from my tag! 

Here’s to the planners, they organize (and run and manage and research and monetize) the world

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