Do you ever feel like you’re never doing enough? As a stay at home mom whose mother lives with her, I feel like this quite often. 

See, I get help. I should have plenty of head space and planning and ability to do it all, but very consistently I do not.

Turns out i’m human. I’m a human who has never particularly gotten my rocks off by out performing myself or pushing my own limits or reaching for that just barely visible goal. It’s more often, “What absolutely must get done today? Feed children; check. Coffee; check. School; check. Toilet time; checkity check. Sleep…eh. Debateable.”

As I lay here post-multi-heavy-convo with the bread-winning husband I am feeling particularly less than cabable at the moment. And I really actually need to go to sleep. It’s 12:30am and I am neither drunk or out, so i’m also irked. Showing up to a beak-filled volunteer gig where there are hundreds of hangry birds is akin to Russian roulette. I need to keep all my fingers if I ever go back to one of those wacky paying gigs I hear some people dabble in, so somehow the brain needs to get turned off and the shutters need to close

But all the unfinished *things* are rattling around in my noggin. Heavy topics do not make good lullabies. 


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