Gobble Wobble

I survived Thanksgiving. Beyond that, I’m kind of just a walking zombie. We had a typical day home yesterday. A day where everyone in our house is just all here together. All day. No visitors to break it up. No trips out to kill time. No destination to mix up the day a little. Just […]

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Lazy Bones

I admit it. I’m lazy. I’m overweight, under energized, under organized and lazy. Since working out with a trainer in August, however, something has finally kicked in. Well, her foot has kicked in my butt, however that’s not my point. We have had many a project go undone on this house simply because thinking about […]

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Power Struggle

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. I was over prepared for once. We had presents wrapped, gift cards handled, cards signed the day before. The day of, I made his favorite treat early in case the power outtage warnings came to fruition later on. We had gramma babysitter all lined up. I had put dinner in […]

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Some days I wake up and after a little time goes by, I look around and think, “Yes. I have kicked ASS today! I have mastered this ‘life’ thing.” Today, for instance, I woke up, got the kids ready, got the 4th grader to school without yelling with a lunch made by moi, thankyouverymuch. (No […]

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So You Want To Be A SAHM?

First things first, you have to get with the SAHM acronym. (Stay At Home Mom) I was pitifully ill equipped for my transition. My transition was a sort of last minute forced “option”. I went to school to become …. a grownup. It was community college, and I had zero direction. After 8 years of […]

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Hating Dating

On Mondays the morning radio show I listen to has something called “The Loser Line”. If you text into a number, the station will send you a phone number to give out to those people who are hounding you for your digits. People you would not go on a date with if the zombie apocalypse […]

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Food Demons

I have been working pretty hard on my food demons. I’ve been working out with a personal trainer since August, and simultaneously dealing with food issues with my therapist. A one-two punch, as it were. I’ve been doing pretty well all around, actually. I’ve made some break-throughs with eating and habits. I’ve made some changes. […]

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The Second Mrs.

Being the second wife is not something you set out to do. When picturing the man you are going to marry, typically women imagine characteristics like “funny”, “responsible”, “sexy”, “owns something without a parental co-signer”. Not a big list-topper? “previously married” or “already has kids”. Not that the latter are bad. They just aren’t the […]

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To The Hallowieners

Last Halloween was great. We managed to get out, get loads of candy, and get back without much drizzle or rain. Our poor neighbors had a temporarily lost kid scenario which I do not envy (no matter how many whining complaining blog entries i’ve done) but they came away from their nearly identical outing with […]

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