Food Demons

I have been working pretty hard on my food demons. I’ve been working out with a personal trainer since August, and simultaneously dealing with food issues with my therapist. A one-two punch, as it were.

I’ve been doing pretty well all around, actually. I’ve made some break-throughs with eating and habits. I’ve made some changes. We’ve eliminated a lot of carbs in the house which is difficult. My mom lives with us and having three adults be consistent is not easy.

We do still have bread. My kids will sometimes have toast for breakfast, or i’ll have it as a quick option for my own breakfast. Sandwiches are usually for the kids, but really they prefer home made ‘lunchables’. It takes us twice as long to go through a loaf as it did in the past, so that’s something. I’m a complete carb-o-holic. If I had a choice between a bag of candy or a loaf of fresh french bread or sourdough, i’d choose the bread every time. Every. Time.

So we went a little over a week without potato chips, potatoes of any kind, pasta, breads-with-dinner (rolls/biscuits/garlic bread) and I think it made a big difference.

Since Halloween, shit has been creeping back into the pantry, though. This whole week i’ve been shit about my food choices. I am working on sucking it up and moving along, but I keep getting stuck. We have managed to not do mashed potatoes with anything, and I have yet to make a pot of spaghetti. That’s something! We also haven’t ordered pizza.

Living on the edge here, people.

The latest f- up is the Halloween candy. I need to accidentally trip and have the bowl land in the trash can. I don’t know who will cry worse if we do that, my husband, the kids, or myself.

I’m out of ideas for dinners, and i’m in a place where I don’t really care. That is dangerous. Because you know when I do care? After i’ve eaten it. Like immediately after I eat it.

Why couldn’t I struggle with wearing too much make up or being addicted to triathalons like some lucky bastards?

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