Some days I wake up and after a little time goes by, I look around and think, “Yes. I have kicked ASS today! I have mastered this ‘life’ thing.”

Today, for instance, I woke up, got the kids ready, got the 4th grader to school without yelling with a lunch made by moi, thankyouverymuch. (No faces or shapes made from the dough of angel clouds or anything, just a sammich and ‘stuff’)

It’s the hubster’s birthday, so I made his birthday treat. Instead of cake, I made butter tarts. These things are grody to me, but he’s from Canada, so need I say more? (They are a Canadian fave) This involved following a recipe… before 9am!

Our daughter helped out, and then she got to play with the leftover pie crust dough.. and she played for over an hour with the stuff, y’all. Amazing!

I cleaned up the baking mess, and then made breakfast – hash browns and eggs – for my daughter and I. Cooking after baking?! Who’s a badass? I am. And then, just to show off, I put dinner in the crock pot so my mom and the kids will have something yummy for din-din while I take the hubby out for his birthday.


I cleaned up again. This time that involved emptying the dishwasher and then filling it right back up.

After a bit of time, I made lunch for us and that’s about the time I looked around and thought, “I have nailed this day.” I have done breakfast, lunch, and dinner including the birthday “cake” all before 11:30 am.

And then I realize, while still validating my awesomeness, my daughter is still in PJ’s, as am I. Zero laundry has been started, no treadmill has been walked upon, and zero showers had. I could have been tricked into feeling like I should have done more, but no. I will not let my rarely occurring big head be deflated by what I can still accomplish this afternoon.

All in all, I still count it as an epic display of my greatness.


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