Power Struggle

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. I was over prepared for once. We had presents wrapped, gift cards handled, cards signed the day before.

The day of, I made his favorite treat early in case the power outtage warnings came to fruition later on. We had gramma babysitter all lined up. I had put dinner in the crockpot- obviously not taking the outtage too seriously..? Everything was going well…

Until it wasn’t. The power went out around 2:30. Soon after I got a call from my son’s school, “Three trees fell on a building, but everyone is ok, please dont come to pick up kids early.”


A few minutes later, “Power is now out, put same pick up/release time.”

When I get there I see the damage:

Not quite the apocolypse I had imagined in my mom brain. 

We get home, still no power. The crockpot dinner is officially wrecked. Now my husband’s bday dinner becomes a family event.

Sushi doesnt fly with anyone but him, and the open, close-ish, reasonable option is Applebees.

I happen to hate Applebees, but what’reyagonnado. Not many options. 

My husband has been a trooper through all of it. 

Applebee’s sets down out appetizer and we get a room temperature plate of chicken. No plates. No server. No help.

Send it back, inform its a bday dinner, please pay attention when bringing out the dinners. We dont want food poisoning as a receipt. 

Next our food is delivered wrong/cold/terrible.

It just keeps getting better! 

They end up comping the whole thing, my husband has to eat his alone since it was sent back and brought out after we were all done.

We trekk back home through blown down branches and non-functioning traffic lights. 

Arrive home to a dark house and warming fridge.

Sing the bday song, blow out the candle, pack the kids into one room and 80% of the emergency lights. Hang out in the living room on the power-reclining couch where our daughter had earlier fully reclined one seat when the power went out. 😕

End up going upstairs early to our sleep number-electronically powered- bed. And the final straw of the day?  I start my period early.

Today the power is still out, and as an added bonus, the kids are both home due to school power not yet restored. Hubby gets the inherited-from-last-home-owner-generator out. We pump the tires, wipe it down, get it ready, and gas leaks all over the driveway. 

Useless like everything else they gave us. 


Happy birthday, honey!! We get lots of family bonding time, you get a new generator, and I’m not pregnant! 


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