Gobble Wobble

I survived Thanksgiving. Beyond that, I’m kind of just a walking zombie. We had a typical day home yesterday. A day where everyone in our house is just all here together. All day. No visitors to break it up. No trips out to kill time. No destination to mix up the day a little. Just all of us here … this translates to a grumpy husband with little patience for our kids. Our kids were at each other from the time they woke up. (this is not exactly typical. It happens, but they usually get along for at least an hour first thing in the morning) I was feeling like a moderator between the husband and the kids which means my nerves get shot blocking the stink eyes and grump vibes pinging all over the house. Unfortunately I managed to block most which means I absorb some, so I was ready to drink by 1:30. My mom was busily getting 99% of the meal ready which is a big help, but on the other hand, leaves me feeling kind of useless in my own house.

Once my husband started actually grumping at the kids, I had to walk out the front door and take a slippery freezing cold walk around our driveway in the 30 degree weather.

The neighbors didn’t think anything of this.

I wish I could say they would see me and say, “Hi, how’s it going?” or “Everything ok over there?”

Nope. Instead it’s more like, “Must be time for ‘smoke break’ at the asylum.”

We got through our late lunch/early dinner feast well. .. meaning we all got to eat a hot meal. My daughter had been declaring since the day before she would not eat the turkey. When she saw the naked breast in the pan, she was that much more resolved to not like it. (despite the fact she loves the deli turkey from the store)

“Mom, i’m thankful for you and mashed potatoes!”

I feel ya, kid.

For me the day is all about the stuffing. It’s the only time of the year we eat it, so there’s a giant batch. Leftover stuffing, luke warm stuffing, scalding hot stuffing, stuffing with gravy, stuffing without gravy, stuffing on a roll, (aka bread with a side of bread) stuffing on a plate, in a bowl. In a train, in the rain, on a box with a fox. I do so like that carb overload!

My son was happy to eat anything. A note to all the parents of picky eaters; hang in there. If you have a boy and he’s a toddler and he only eats gold fish and chicken nuggets, it will change. Have you ever seen a teenager only eat 2 things? I have two older brothers and I can guaran-damn-tee that once they hit about 8 everything is fair game for their gullet. They begin eating and then don’t stop until they are out of your house… and even then, they only come back to eat more. (and laundry) Hang in there! I think it all starts with cereal. Once they branch out from there, most anything will be devoured.

So we did the clean up thing, then the pie thing, then the food coma thing under the guise of watching America’s Funniest Home Videos. The kids were wild animals by this point and just rabid for attention, positive or otherwise. At some point, I dozed. During this time my blessedly intuitive husband put them both to bed.

It was a Thanksgiving miracle! I was so happy and relieved. I went up later to kiss them goodnight, but I got to miss the toothpaste griping and the brushing antics and the PJ wiggles. Instead, I lounged like a slug on the sofa in front of the fire. (which was awesome until we nearly had a fireĀ  with one ember and a dog bed)

That night I finished my Odd Thomas (Dean Koontz) book and fell asleep around 11. At 4:30 I woke up unable to sleep and running the black friday ads through my brain. Every year I think I don’t need anything right up until the morning of… then I realize what sales are useful. My husband ended up going out first and then I went to Target.

While I missed most of the “Door Buster” deals, I still picked up a couple asked-for toys that were on a great sale. At 7am in Target, there were zero lines. (we went back later in the afternoon and it was the exact opposite)

I volunteered at the bird place today (Zazu’s House Parrot Sanctuary) and had a wacky time with creatures trying their damnedest to bite my toes and fingers – which i’ll save for a separate post – so needless to say i’m pooped!

Here’s hoping all your turkeys cooperate and allow you to have an enjoyable holiday weekend as well! Gobble gobble wibble wobble!


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