Letting Go

I wrote a few days ago about being perceived as a villain by my long ago step family. This news was brand new to me as i’ve not had contact with them in 11 years or so.  I know I need to let it go. I have no control over the situation and forcing myself […]

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Coming Down

I do not know if it was the vacation, the holidays, or the drama, but I have not stopped eating, except to sleep, for the last 10 days!! I am going to be sorely punished tomorrow when I go to work out. … punished by myself, to be clear, not my trainer. I have at […]

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My family has a healthy dose of drama just like any. I had very branched family tree. My parents divorced when I was 8. When I was away at summer camp at 12, my dad decided to get remarried. It wasn’t important for me to be involved or even present, apparently. I had met her […]

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Santa Guilt

I am finding myself feeling guilty and almost ashamed of how much Santa has brought the kids this year. I hope i’m not alone in this. Growing up, we didnt have a whole lot. I never felt deprived on Christmas, but picking things from the Sears catalog was always a giant waste of time for […]

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Some things i’ve learned from my trip to Whistler: 1. There are not a lot of big people/big’uns/ plus size people/chubsters/Snow Rhinos in the snow.  2. Everything is cardio-hence #1 3. Make sure if you are representing the Snow Rhinos, you do not slip and fall in The Village  4. Bring EVERYthing because if you […]

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There are certain markers throughout life. Time markers, actual locations, music, etc. When I hear Def Leppard or Skid Row, i’m immediately back in Jr High. The class, the (few) friends I had. The sunny So Cal days, the itchy Catholic school skirt.  When I see or hear about a Ren Faire, i remember vividly […]

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I decided to record this because there are few times I can point to a specific happening and declare, “That was a proud moment as a mom. I did something pretty damn cool.” I’ve already said we’ve all been living in a frustration bubble lately. Today, after my son freaks out over video games I […]

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