Some things i’ve learned from my trip to Whistler:

1. There are not a lot of big people/big’uns/ plus size people/chubsters/Snow Rhinos in the snow. 

2. Everything is cardio-hence #1

3. Make sure if you are representing the Snow Rhinos, you do not slip and fall in The Village 

4. Bring EVERYthing because if you lose or forget it, you cannot replace it with Village shops

5. It is in fact possible to sweat your ass off in 30 degree weather

6. Do NOT apply lotion to your dried out Rhino skin before donning snow gear. I dont care how badly the heaters have cracked and dehydrated you. Sweat+lotion+snow pants=disaster

7. No matter how fuzzy and cute, do not pet the bear cub

8. Definitely do the snowmobile tour

9. It’s amazing how much fun you can have while sweat-freezing your Rhino thighs off while being blinded by freezing snow in your useless goggles under a helmet with a full bladder on a snow mobile 

10. Dont drink coffee before any snow activities

11. Jacuzzi in the open air while snowing is a must!

12. Watch out for ski-weilding Villagers passing by in their clickety boots 


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