Santa Guilt

I am finding myself feeling guilty and almost ashamed of how much Santa has brought the kids this year. I hope i’m not alone in this. Growing up, we didnt have a whole lot. I never felt deprived on Christmas, but picking things from the Sears catalog was always a giant waste of time for me. I knew I wasnt getting any of that stuff.

Now I can get ‘stuff’, and like most kids, mine really do not need the amount they get.

I realize this makes me sound obnoxious, so feel free to stop reading.

I just find myself stuck between “Shut up and just enjoy what you never had and appreciate what you can do!” and “This is insanity! No wonder they dont appreciate anything!” (which is not 100% true, I must say) In all honesty, you never know what next year is gonna look like, right? 

I got some of my shopping done early, but instead of being content with ‘done’, it gave me more time to hit sales and feel like I couldnt pass up an opportunity. It also gave me time to forget about all the things I already bought-and where they were hidden in some cases.

I have very generous family that also sends gifts to my kids, so I rationalize that the gross overabundance is not entirely my doing.

I’m sure watching them open their gifts and squeal and shout Christmas morning, I will forget the feeling of shame for spoiling them and just focus on how blessed and lucky we are to be able to create the next generation of materialism. 

Party on, spenders! Ho Ho Ho! 

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