Coming Down

I do not know if it was the vacation, the holidays, or the drama, but I have not stopped eating, except to sleep, for the last 10 days!! I am going to be sorely punished tomorrow when I go to work out. … punished by myself, to be clear, not my trainer. I have at least come to the understanding that I am the one responsible for my lack of cardio/energy/vegetables.

The vacation mind set didn’t even completely sabotage my new eating choices. I did try to be relatively responsible with the breakfast buffet. Breakfast is by far my most favorite meal of the day, and when it’s in buffet form in the past I have always seen it as a challenge with the finish line being a nap. This time I weighed the planned daily activities, tried to work in some fruit, split the omelet with my husband, and even a few times opted for oatmeal! (w/brown sugar and cinnamon and cranberries) We were definitely moving and burning calories in the form of walking/hiking/steps in SNOW. Like full blown feet and feet of snow as more snow was falling. We walked daily from one end of the village to the other.

The problem came after a couple of days, I did the math. I figured if I was going to walk in the freezing cold snow, I can damn well enjoy the indoor time. We saw 2 movies, so we did popcorn. I had popcorn with a side of some candy just to be sure I would enjoy the experience… :oI

We did nice dinners, but one night split a plate. It was the one night I allowed myself pasta.

Y’all, I have not had pasta in months. It was heavenly!

And then there’s all the road trip food and meals-on-the-go  i.e. fast food.

Then came Christmas. Ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans (hey, at least there was a fresh vegetable!) and all the yummy leftovers for two days after. We had 3 kinds of pies. … I had 2 kinds.

And it just kept going. It was like a food snowball. It started small, and then finished tonight with pizza and Christmas cookies.

Yes, tomorrow is gonna suck balls, but i’ll get through it one way or another. Either standing or fainting. … but i’ll get through it. .. right?!



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