Swim Meat

I am a tall chick. I’m 5’11. It’s not news that i’m big. This body and most bathing suits do not mix. The tankini, while probably designed for a slim marathon runner, is the ideal suit for me because one pieces simply do not work. They just aren’t long enough. We have pants that are […]

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The Quest Continued

The quest is ongoing, really. I’m looking forward to it being complete, but I have a feeling with an ADHD kid, it’s never complete. It just keeps morphing. My anticipation is that we will finally get the right medication dialed in, and then he’s going to start puberty .. and then all hell breaks loose. […]

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My Assignment

My shrink gave me an assignment, so naturally I will complete it here. Why not make everything you think public and available for public consumption?! (One of the reasons I do this is because I have benefited greatly from people who are candid. It has made me feel understood and not as alone as I […]

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Medicine Cont.

The medicine struggle wages on. My kid has been coughing since October. This is no exaggeration, sadly. He had a cold, after the cold he got a cough. Common enough, right? Only it never stopped. We’ve been on an expedition to find the reason. Allergies, post nasal drip, developing a tick. I’ve medicated it all.. […]

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I spent a week discussing bringing home a possible candidate for a pet bird from the sanctuary I volunteer every week with my son. He’s 9. He can get the big picture. My 5 year old is given information on a need-to-know basis. We talked about keeping an open mind because we weren’t sure how […]

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To Bird or Not To Bird

This seems a silly and obvious question given my Parrot Post . Obviously I don’t want to own a bird, riiiiiiight???? I’m not talking a macaw or amazon or african grey or cockatoo (or one… ha!) I’m talking cockatiel or a quaker parakeet. I’m an animal lover. I used to say that of all the […]

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Cough Torture

My child has been coughing for over three months. It’s torturous to hear every day. It’s obviously even more so for him. We’ve been in and out of the pediatrician’s office. I don’t want to know how many infections he’s caught from the waiting room. We’ve done inhalers, allergy meds, cough syrup, cough drops, and […]

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