Cough Torture

My child has been coughing for over three months.

It’s torturous to hear every day. It’s obviously even more so for him.

We’ve been in and out of the pediatrician’s office. I don’t want to know how many infections he’s caught from the waiting room. We’ve done inhalers, allergy meds, cough syrup, cough drops, and now a nebulizer. A breathing treatment with albuterol.

Nothing helps.

The winner of all recommendations was “Use a nasal spray, but add this allergy medicine to the saline, and then squirt it in his nose.”

Except no one, I mean NO ONE sells a nasal spray bottle that you can open and modify.

I’m at my wit’s end with the effing cough. It’s grating and harsh and dry and constant. The last visit they found “cobblestoning” on his tonsils/throat from all the irritation the cough is causing.

It started with zero post nasal drip. By the last visit he had caught a cold, so obviously that’s what they point to. However, no one seemed to recognize or acknowledge that with or without the PND, the cough is the same.

It’s crazy-making!

We’ve had our home tested for mold back when our daughter was getting chronic croup.

It’s like we are hosting a tuberculosis conference.

No I haven’t put onions on his feet. No I haven’t put Vicks on his feet chest or eyeballs. I’m about to set him up with a sound proof bubble in the back yard, though.

It’s one of those things you feel horrible about as a parent. I’ve long since passed sympathy. Of COURSE I feel bad for him. However, somewhere at the two month mark, it just began to grate on my nerves and pound in my head. Sue me. I’m human, afterall.

Next up we get to look into changing his ADHD medicine. NOT something I wanted to do since he seems to be doing well on the dosage we finally settled on.


And now i’m going to stuff cotton balls in my ears and vodka in my coke.



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