The Quest Continued

The quest is ongoing, really. I’m looking forward to it being complete, but I have a feeling with an ADHD kid, it’s never complete. It just keeps morphing. My anticipation is that we will finally get the right medication dialed in, and then he’s going to start puberty .. and then all hell breaks loose. In my mind there’s a raging party of hormones and smoke and cups filled with equal parts glowing energy drinks and questionable contents.

Forgive me, i’ve not slept much this week, and it’s just adding to the overall “Hell Week” vibe.

“Last week on Sarcasmica…” My son had a 3 month cough. I was in and out of the doc office with him and we saw multiple doctors. Sort of a round robin approach of getting to know all the pediatricians in the practice. One doctor recommended we see an ADHD specialist at a nearby location. BINGO! Jackpot. (I’m still getting over the whole, “Why didn’t the 1st doctor mention this option?!” quandry)

“And now, currently on Sarcasmica”
We actually got an appointment set up in the same month. Talk about hitting the lottery.

While waiting for the new appt, we continued with the Intuniv Rx suggested and waited to see if the mysterious cough would disappear. (from Vyvanse)

It only took a day or two to see a huge lessening in the cough. Relief!

The downside was that we started a new prescription and it was a veeeeeery low dose, so he’s basically not really on meds right now. Not. Ideal.

After two three-day weekends in a row, it hit me, “Wow. It’s like he’s not even on meds.” My 9 year old child is all back talk and negative speak and put downs and grumbles. Like me without coffee or sleep for weeks, essentially…. but it’s every. single. day.

For anyone who has typical children I can only imagine how this is interpreted: “My kid is a 9 year old boy who just needs more activities and structure.” Right? Simple!

For anyone who has an ADD kiddo, i’m sure you can feel my pain. It affects everything. It’s like living under a storm cloud. Sometimes it’s snowing, sometimes it’s a downpour, and sometimes it’s lightening and thundering. You just don’t know, and the more gear you pull out to help it, the more the weather changes.

This effects everything around it. Imagine a literal storm cloud inside your house. This stretches from toys to siblings to friends and parents. It touches all of it.

Anyway so this week begins on Tuesday when he blessedly goes back to school. HALLELUJAH! The next morning my husband and I meet with the new doc. We discuss my kid’s entire life from infancy to now. We discuss signs, treatments, consulations, tests, school experiences, medical history, eeeevvveerrryyyttthhhiiinnnggg. At one point I cry because… why not? It’s totally normal to break into tears mid-sentence in front of a doctor you’ve never met before, right?

So normal she had to go on a hunt to find a kleenex box, and then she had to actually open it up. I was a little shocked by this considering she deals 100% with ADHD diagnosed kids. Am I the ONLY parent to break down in her office?

After this emotionally draining and emotional consultation, I go to the grocery store where I get an email from my son’s math teacher:

“Just a short note to let you know that {The Child} has had a difficult time completing his math homework.  He tells me he doesn’t work on it because he is too busy at night.  I told him I was going to send you a note to see if we could come up with a game-plan.”

We haven’t had problems with homework in a long time …. and it directly correlates with his medication in my opinion. I write back:

“Very interesting. He has told me that he has completed his math at school and that’s why he hasn’t had any to bring home. Thank you for telling me. He is absolutely available for homework. I will let Mr. Important know his schedule is wide open.”

There are some emails back and forth about what a good mom I am, and I assure her he wont have the same feelings. I questioned him teasingly about it at pick up. “So, what are our big plans this evening? I hear we are VERY busy!”

He did his homework which miraculously appeared, he did his sister’s laundry, and his own, and never once complained. I was equal parts proud and slightly disappointed he wasn’t mad about it. Considering we were all running on very little sleep from the evening before filled with bad dreams, coughing, nose blowing, and general “let’s see if we can turn mommy into a monster” ness, it wall went splendidly.

Then last night my daughter began the slow decent to croup…. AGAIN. She has had this at least once every year since she was 2. Every year for three years I hope it’s the year she outgrows it. So far, no go. She had a cold and I waited for a fever all day but it never happened…. until 7pm. I drug her, I tuck her in, and the barking begins. The cough/bark madness goes until TEN THIRTY at night.

My husband is trying to prepare for a flight at 8:30 the next morning, so suffice it to say he isn’t a lot of help. I try and stay up with the patient, but considering the lack of sleep from the previous night, I cannot  be awake a minute past 11. I re-tuck her in, settle her down and kiss her goodnight. Somewhere in a foggy mid-sleep I hear coughing and crying that turns to screaming. I only woke because my husband got up to investigate.

Imma let that sink in. My husband responded before I did.


I get up to take over, and she’s standing in the hallway screaming that she has throw up on her leg. “WHERE DID IT COME FROM, MOMMY?!!!!”

I’m still asleep, technically. I get a wipe and deal with it, sit her on the toilet and move back to the bedroom where……. a giant puddle of chunks is awaiting us from the middle of her bed.

The silver lining? It landed in the middle of all the pillows and stuffies. The blankets did not fare as well.

Strip the bed.

Try not to curse the walls down.

Reassure child she is ok.

Nothing is permanently damaged.

We are both only mildly awake still.

Settle everything back down, sit in steamy bathroom, then put her to bed.

Beyond this, I cannot remember the night other than she came in and out of the room all night to have her nose blown and cough in my face some more. You know, all the sweet nothings.

Husband got up and left for the airport and I went into a mini coma.

Sometime later I groggily pick up my phone and see that it’s 8:45am. My alarm didn’t go off, but somehow the “touch for snooze” option was on my screen… so did it go off? I have no effing clue. I clamber out of bed, call my son’s school, get him ready for our 9:30 appointment that’s 25 minutes away, and slap some clothes on my body.

My son sits and meets the new doc for their portion of the process and we leave.

I’m running on a basic survival level right now, squeezing my burning tired eyes shut every third blink just to hydrate my eyeballs  because now I have to run off to my therapist appointment.

Maybe she’ll just let me lay down and nap for an hour?


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