Brick Walls

I can see why parents don’t follow through with medicating their children and either a-discontinue use altogether or b-stay on current dose and script just to be done with the back-and-forth.

We are now trying Concerta (the generic version) and will begin a 36mg dose tomorrow. This whole ‘dialing it in’ endless journey between the teachers, school, kid, and doctor is exhausting. It requires communication and attention (ironically) and timing and patience. Loooooots of patience. You also have to do it with the understanding home issues are not at all the same as the school ones, but you can quickly find new and exciting issues at home that were not there before.

I’m sick of my kid being under a microscope. It’s tiring for him and everyone else. It’s assessments and IEP tweaks and therapy and emails.

I want so badly to be done… but even more than I want to be done, I want my kid to have a fair shot at 4th grade.

Hearing his teacher tell me, “He just seems lost all day” is heart-breaking and infuriating all at the same time.

I need a prescription for the rollercoaster my emotions are on as a result of medicating my kid.

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