Workin’ It

I sent my resume out into the nether and actually got a call back!

Now i’m like, “Shit. Now what?!”

I’ve been a stay at home mom for seven years. SEVEN YEARS, people! Within that span we’ve moved 4 states, i’ve been an active member of various moms clubs, and recently I started volunteering. … well “recently” is relative. I began volunteering with the parrots last August. Seven months ago. Twice a week, lots of work for free has led me into the “why not?” realm.

Eons ago I worked for a Kennel in L.A. It liked to say it was swanky. They liked to market themselves as “The Kennel To The Stars” but whoooo boy, the stories I could tell…. and did… to the owner who didn’t appreciate my ethics and fired me. Seems I should have listed “has ethics” on my resume. Anyway, after working there for 2+ years, I left and continued on my journey to become an interpreter.

I loved that job as well, but my goal was always to end up somehow working with animals. Preferably wild animals. I’ve been at home with my children for seven years, so I think that qualifies me.

I live pretty close to another kennel that has gotten good reviews. We’ve never used them, but I’ve heard a lot of positives about them. The sanctuary I volunteer at has actually done a few events there. I noticed they had been hiring off and on over the past few months, so I just sent them my resume and they have scheduled a phone call to see if it’s worth an in-person interview.

Now my brain is like, “Crap! You have to actually speak about expectations and requirements now. What do you want?”

Lucky for me i’m decent on my toes. I like genuine conversation versus practiced answers. I like to think it adds to my charm 😀

Still, I haven’t put myself out there for a job in yyyyeeeeeaaarrrrssss. If I could go back to educational interpreting, I would definitely consider it. I actually gave my info to someone at my son’s school district office, but they only hire from agencies here for educational interpreting. I’m not nationally certified, nor could I easily be, so I sort of stopped chasing that. Most states have a separate state minimum certification just for educational interpreting, but guess which one doesn’t?! Yup. Washington.

So we’ll see what happens. I kind of feel sorry for the person looking at my resume and having to fit me into some box. I’ve done everything from reception to call center to signing to now working with 300 parrots. Nothing like a niche market.

We’ll see what happens!




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