So I had a job interview on Monday. It was a “working interview”. I applied for a doggie daycare attendant position, and they tried me out as a dog walker. The owner assured me everyone has the same trial interview with this task.


I’ve walked a million dogs. No biggie. It was the first job interview where I had zero nerves. They gave me the first, which was a pit mix and dog aggressive. She was a sweetheart with people and had bulging eyes. They kenneled her near a door.

They had her in a run next to a door…. where people walk through with dogs all the time… the dog aggressive dog was in a run near a door. Ok. Not my circus, right? This dog had been boarded for 2 months and this was the day she was going home. When I walked her, I had her near me around the other dogs in the narrow walkways, and once we were outside I gave her the leash.

I figured the whole point of exercising the dogs was to let them exercise, right? I had the “pro walker” with me who had no other working experience except at a kennel. She was maaaaaybe 19. She was very self-assured and offered zero advice or information on how they do it. She wanted to see how I would handle it all just on my own. The walk was a good length, up and down some hills. There were lots of squirrel smells, bunny scents, and possibly a deer at some point behind a fence she was really interested in.

Again. This dog has been boarded for 2 months. I don’t know how often they get walked, I think it’s maybe 2x/day. We kept moving, but I let her sniff and smell and, well, walk. I picked up poop, I grabbed extra bags even.

When it came time to put her back, I had trouble navigating the buildings – they were huge and identical. We entered a different way than we had exited. I put her back, we marked the card, and moved onto the next.

The next one was a husky. A VERY excited and eager husky. No aggression issues, but he kept jumping on the girl with me. I got him to walk out and start our little expedition into nature. Same trail as the last, extra poop bags in my pocket, and we were off. Same smells, same excitement, different dog. Again, there were no other walkers around, so I let the dog have the leash. (I realize for some this may seem like I literally gave the dog the leash. I just mean I let him have the length. I was holding the leash, but not keeping him right at my side making him ‘heel’.)

No poops, no pees. Just a happy excited dog. We put him away, I realize now I should have remarked to the girl what I would have marked the card with if I had my own pen…

The interviewer told me she’d discuss everything and get back to me.

Two days later I hadn’t heard, so I emailed. This morning I had a reply:

“At this point in time we are going a different dictation. Thank you for
             interviewing with us.”

I’m assuming details aren’t their specialty and she probably meant “direction” and not “dictation”. .. but what do I know?

It was interesting seeing this email. I was relieved first because after discussing a possible schedule for the summer with my husband, I have a lot I want to do. Secondly, I felt annoyance. I wish they had discussed with me some of my choices, if they felt they were unfavorable, and just had a conversation about it. I’m not an idiot. I made the choices I did for a reason.

Then I thought, “Eh… annoying, but not at all effecting my life and for that, I am very thankful.”

So as it turns out, I am not an automatically employable candidate like I had originally thought. I am not desirable when it comes to walking dogs …. my own dogs would argue that, I hope. I really wanted to tell them, “So I can’t walk dogs, which I wasn’t interested at all in doing, but how about we get serious about the job I was ACTUALLY trying for?”

Maybe this is just too much fabulous to contain within their barky stinky walls.


You can’t contain all this fabulosity.

That’s ok, I’ll just manage my emotions from the pool in Las Vegas where I’ll be enjoying a cocktail or three with my husband.


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