I have a struggle that is invisible. It isnt tragic. It isnt a requirement or necessity. It isnt big, flashy, or important. It’s just teeth.  Teeth?! Teeth. This struggle seems childish and impertinent at best even to myself, but there you have it. I’m feeling overwhelmed, angry and bitter that I even have to deal […]

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Apparently photography is hard. With my iPhone it wasn’t. .. well, unless I wanted to photograph something more than 2 feet away, anyway. I took lots and lots of photos with my iPhone at Zazu’s Sanctuary and did just fine. In fact, our Instagram page recently hit 10K! I recently have gotten into the whole […]

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Sliding Doors

There are few times in your life you catch a glimpse of an honest “could have been me” moment. I had one this morning. My husband had a flight to catch this morning. Business trip. Something he does very often. So often, in fact, that he has a routine down based on the departure time […]

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Spring Break Awareness

Spring break is a mixed bag for this stay at home momma. I enjoy lazy mornings ignoring my kids as they fight down the hall from my closed door. No lunches to pack, no schedules to watch. Because of this, I always get caught in the trap of feeling like I need to plan a […]

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In life, we sometimes have to learn the same lesson over and over again. As a parent, I have had to learn lessons repeatedly. For instance; sympathy goes a long way with your kids; hugs are required, not requested. And the whopper: These little humans that I made actually resemble me on a genetic level. […]

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