I had a balanced diet today. I had a plum and it was so juicy, it exploded when I bit into it! Full on paper-towel-floor-wipe juicy. So my body was compelled to compensate with a couple Funyons.  I usually dont buy these but that was a fight I was not slated to have with my […]

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Time Out

It’s fair to say I’ve been processing some shit recently. I’ve had some dental apocalypse that I’m currently dealing with, and I’m also getting through the after effects of the car accident I was in with my kids. This, of course, is not the end of the shit show. There have been a few epilogues. […]

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Crashing Doors

A few weeks ago I wrote about ‘Sliding Doors’ and narrowly missing a terrible car accident when someone ran a red light through an intersection right in front of me. Apparently some cosmic force felt cheated because Friday evening I was in a car accident with both of my kids. Everyone is ok, thank God. […]

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Mother Wishes

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women out there whose hearts know unconditional love. I hope you have a day of peace, kindness, love, and respect. For me this is a day of remembering and shining a light on the mothers who have it much much harder than I. I with my two healthy, mobile, […]

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Da Birds – Greys

I volunteer at a parrot sanctuary 2x/week. I love it. It can be a total mind trip, but for the most part it’s been a dream. Combine this hobby with my new one, photography, and I just can’t help but share. I’m a sharer. A shareologist. A Sharing McSharePants. Here are some fun stories of […]

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Vanity Shmanity

I have never thought of myself as a vain person. I’m not completely careless with how I look, either, but it doesn’t determine my schedule or routine. I have gone out in public numerous times without makeup. I am a big fan of hair clips and pony tail holders because besides a quick blowdry flip […]

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