I had a balanced diet today. I had a plum and it was so juicy, it exploded when I bit into it! Full on paper-towel-floor-wipe juicy.

So my body was compelled to compensate with a couple Funyons. 

I usually dont buy these but that was a fight I was not slated to have with my 5 yr old today. Also, they were on sale and they are NEVER on sale. ..not that my daughter can read the tag, but still.

I also had a peach. It was not a comparable sequel to the plum, so I had to wash it down with a few more funyons..but I determinedly worked my way through that less than amazing peach.

Ok..truth be told I had my daughter help me with half of it. 

I made one soft taco for dinner and made a salad with the other serving. It was delicious! 

So I had that half slice of cheesecake.

I don’t even like cheesecake so my day turned full circle when I pep talked my way through that slice…errr, half slice.

Some people think being fat is easy. I guarantee it’s work and planning. 

Next goal: fruit on it’s own with no reward system…and never shopping when Funyons are on sale (or Lays Dill Pickle chips) 

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