Obladee Oblada

Life has been going on  (and on and on and on) thank goodness. We’ve been quite busy here on Monster Island. Grouchy Ranch. Asylum of The Grumps. Let’s see, we’ve had a car accident, the following week I had 3 teeth pulled, the week after that I got braces, and then school ended.

Currently we are managing all the post accident nonsense. A refi. Changing the plan on the braces, and wrangling summer break while trying to nail down what car we are going to get next (which involves lots of research – pricing, safety, reliability and test driving)

Just a typical day in paradise.

In light of the world’s recent events, I realize this is all icing on First World Problems Cake. Really, I do. But this is where I live and where my world turns … at home. And navigating life with 2 kids out of school, a working husband, volunteering, post accident appointments 3 adults and 2 cars it’s gotten a bit hectic.

We are debating a range of vehicles. I don’t do well with big commitment decisions. I want what I want, and I usually want it yesterday. I don’t plan for the far future because I’m right here. Right now. I’m not a good planner. Thankfully my husband is. He likes the process. He likes the back and forth. He doesn’t always like the research, but I do. I don’t like the salesmen face-t0-face nonsense, he does. We are a good pair.

We have sat in/driven the following so far: A Hummer H2 (laughable to say the least) a Mercedes GL (insanely high tech. My tech professional husband couldn’t figure out the buttons or commands! We were stuck with a Christian radio station while driving this beautifully luxurious beast around. I kept waiting for the front seats to eject us for being imposters and hearing “Auf Wiedersehen!”) A Hummer H3 (a serious contender) a Chevy Tahoe (rickety loose gas guzzler) a GMC Acadia (big fat “No”) a Toyota 4 Runner and Sequoia, and finally a Mazda CX9.

And that was just last weekend. We haven’t made any decisions yet but we have 2 favorites.

Did I mention I’m not good with commitment? We aren’t replacing our Wrangler with another Wrangler because a-they are too expensive b-not comfy for bigger-than-the-average-bear passengers c-not that safe in a side collisions. It was fun and cool and sporty and awesome, but it’s sort of a one and done thing for me. My husband is still a bit miffed i’m not looking at another, but that’s my attempt at being responsible and realistic.

Summer break has been interesting. We are 2 days in and already computer/ipad/console privileges have been lost. What hasn’t been lost? My 10 year old’s attitude, sarcasm, back talk, and snotty language. I’m looking forward to the day I find the respectful, happy, charming, intelligent young man I know is beneath the costume of the hairy beast that has ransacked my sanity lately. Surely he’s in there somewhere, right? RIGHT?! RIGHT?!?!?!?!

I’m beginning to look forward to grocery store errands and post office lines already. Thank goodness we have camping and summer camp in the future!



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