Summer Thoughts Vol I

1. Husband: “Babe! I hear The Sandman coming! He’s real!”  Me: “Hides dry summer sandal feet in socks.” 2. I wonder how long i’ll be married before I come to bed to find my husband has changed the sheets and made the bed.  Probably as long as it takes to hire a nurse to care […]

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Desert Dolphins

I recently went on a trip to Las Vegas with my husband. As I am a terrible gambler, I had to find things to do that didn’t cost much money, and if I could practice taking pictures, even better! When I was in Vegas “a little while ago” after turning 21, my friend and I […]

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Midnight Musings

This is what I should just call my blog since it’s the only time I have the ability (i.e. Peace and quiet and completion of one whole thought) to write. Throughout the day I have lots of inspiration for entries. Something will happen or pop in my head but then life happens and it gets […]

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Summer Wine

Tricked ya! It’s summer whine. My body is betraying me. How’s that for a melodramatic opener, eh?  After narrowly escaping death twice in Vegas – what? You didnt hear? I had an Uber driver pull into an intersection in front of an oncoming sirens-blazing firetruck. Not the side excursion I was hoping for. Then there […]

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Post Vegas Life Syndrome

PVLS. It’s a thing. I was in Las Vegas for 6 days recently. In fact, I just got home yesterday. My brain has not fully restarted yet. I feel like there was an update that only partially downloaded. Driving around with my bickering kids in the car I realized there is a term for what […]

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I survived another summer camping trip! Huzzah Here’s what I learned 1. Backup sunscreen is only uselful if you apply it 2. Need to generate heat after your first cold night camping? Sunburns. We all had one by night #2, and our tent was like a sun  3. Dont sleep on a cot. It’s not, […]

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