I survived another summer camping trip! Huzzah

Here’s what I learned

1. Backup sunscreen is only uselful if you apply it

2. Need to generate heat after your first cold night camping? Sunburns. We all had one by night #2, and our tent was like a sun 

3. Dont sleep on a cot. It’s not, in fact, a bed. It’s not a hammock. It’s a slab of concave brick tricking you into a 5 am inner thigh charlie horse. 

      Truthfully, i’ve been through some painful things in my life. Waking up to a twisting cramping searing leg and shoulder ranks just below child birth and right above T-boning a Durango at 25mph. 

3a. Air mattress.

4. If you are hoping for a perfect family activity where every day ends with a feeling of satisfaction and contentment go alone. Seriously, just leave the kids at home. If you want to test the limits of your sanity and capability to endure and overcome and persevere, bring the kids along. 

5. Alcohol

5a. Instant coffee -you’ll be thankful for it at the time

6. A true partner makes it even more enjoyable and memorable. Who else is going to love you after 48hrs sans shower with a sunburn and fire pit smoked hair?

7. 2 nights can seem deceptively short from a dry, electrified, warm computer desk when you make the reservations

It was truly a good trip. We had some obstacles and bumps, but the kids have another summer memory and I have a new respect for weather forecasts and air mattresses. ..and liquor. 

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