Brotherly Love

I had to document this moment. Today was the “Meet the Teacher” day at my kids’ school. This is the first year my son has to share this moment with his sister. She is now a kindergartner. We went to her room first to make the appropriate fuss, and he refused to be seen anywhere […]

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Camping Tried To Kill Us

But we prevailed!! My husband and I recently bumped our heads. It must have happened in our sleep, I’m thinking a giant 2×4 fell across the bed and we never noticed because we went and got a travel trailer. I keep calling it an RV because it’s just easier. When I say the word “RV” […]

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Too Sweet

Today was an epic dental day for our little familia. One kid went to have two of his FOUR “abrasions” (aka cavities) cleaned and sealed, and my nearly six year old had a cleaning all while the dog was having his teeth cleaned. (and probably one infected tooth extracted) That’s how it began. It ended […]

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Hats and Labels

I’m almost 40. I’m not excited about this but hey, as they say: “It’s better than the alternative.” I feel like i’m entering a new era – just because i like to be cliche – with my daughter now beginning full time school. Both kids at school all day?! YES! Better than day drinking! Anyway, […]

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The Purge

As a parent, I’ve lost my right to have “stuff”. Scratch that. As a mother I’ve lost my right to collect and keep “stuff”. My husband has made a side job out of it. Ever since we lived in our first house together, the garage was 98% his crap stuff. Game stuff, paperwork from decades […]

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Back At It

Last year I had a grand plan to make and sell wreaths using feathers from the sanctuary I volunteer at twice a week. In my head I turned myself into a lone sweat shop slaving away at wrapping wreaths. I was arthritic from all the yarn and felt and blistered from the crappy glue gun […]

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Bad Writer

I figure it’s better to have fewer posts than many posts that are babbling on and on about nothing in particular. So, summer. We are in the trenches of summer here. I’ve managed to keep sanity until about two hours ago. I am so in need of school to begin now. Like, now. Some people […]

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