Bad Writer

I figure it’s better to have fewer posts than many posts that are babbling on and on about nothing in particular.

So, summer. We are in the trenches of summer here. I’ve managed to keep sanity until about two hours ago. I am so in need of school to begin now. Like, now. Some people are early Christmas preppers, I am an early school prepper. We have all the lists checked, backpacks bought, lunch boxes ready and I am counting down!

Swim lessons in the am every day are really preventing me from digging a trench in my room to stick my head in. We get up and get out and then spend the rest of the day smelling of chlorine.

Don’t even act like you all bathe your children on the daily when they are just getting back in that chlorinated cesspool in the morning. It’s not like we live in Rio. :0O !

We are down to frozen dinners and hot dog lunches in varying forms; corn dogs, beans and weenies, cold.. Am I Mother of the Year? Nope. But my kids are both covered in bacteria prevention (chlorine) and they can reach all the shelves themselves. They know how to operate a remote control and a game controller.

No bodies have been stored in refrigerators, no siblings choked out by controllers (hellooooo wireless!) and we are all relatively functioning. Isn’t that the point of summer? To push SAHParents to the brink? This way we don’t mind sitting and figuring out math homework every night. We look forward to the fun notes we put in lunchboxes. We appreciate the laundry because it means everyone is going to SCHOOOOOL!

We have no more vacations or trips planned for the remaining 29 days of summer. We have TV, movies, video games and maybe an outing or two. I did go and plan their first ever sleepover. What crack pipe exploded in my face to do that?! I volunteered to have four children in the house over night instead of the regular two. Total crazy town.

Forgive my lack of witty imagination and commentary. It appears my brain cells are fried and the evidence is in the form of frozen dinners in my freezer.

Just 29 more days until sanity …

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