Good Enough

It’s that magical time of year again for the new IEP. (Individualized Education Program) We’ve had multiple meetings every year for five years now – not including all the nightmare meetings during preschool and kindergarten- and I still dread them. I still loathe them. I’ve gotten better at managing my eye rolls and sighs, but […]

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My 6 year old finally asked for a pet. It was bound to happen. I didn’t want to say yes, but frankly I couldn’t think of a compelling reason to say no. She didn’t ask for a snake or a frog, she wanted a hamster. Well, truthfully, she just wanted something that would fit in […]

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Trying To Accept It

I’m trying to accept our country’s new reality. I still don’t understand it. I absolutely do not understand how this person was voted by the people to represent our country and have our best interests at heart for all decisions. Decisions that will resonate long after he is no longer in office. I will say […]

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