Good Enough

It’s that magical time of year again for the new IEP. (Individualized Education Program)

We’ve had multiple meetings every year for five years now – not including all the nightmare meetings during preschool and kindergarten- and I still dread them. I still loathe them. I’ve gotten better at managing my eye rolls and sighs, but it’s about as fun as a cavity.

I’m comfortable in my status quo, introverted, head-in-the-sand demeanor so sitting in front of a panel of experts regarding education and how to apply it to my ADHD/Dyspraxia kid is uncomfortable to say the least. Discussing his goals and expectations for his upcoming year is just not my idea of constructive conversation. Just do what teachers are supposed to do. Educate him. Is your classroom environment not working? Change scenery. Use your degrees and certifications to find a way to assimilate him into a regular 5th grade classroom. Done.

It’s gotten better, admittedly. Since putting him on Concerta his scores and ability in the classroom has exploded much to all of our amazement. Reading through his assessments right now still stings a bit. I’m not in tears like I used to be, so that’s something.

Sitting here waiting to go to this meeting is a bit like waiting to see the principal. To top it off, there are three new people working with him so we get to all sit and behave like professional adults…. not my forte.

So deep breath, swig of caffeine, and a bite of chocolate; me and my big girl pants are headed out to defend the educational rights of my child one more time.

2 thoughts on “Good Enough

  1. Good job! Not every parent is able or willing to advocate for their child. Good for you that you are doing your best. They will try to make it all your responsibility if you let them – its their job to do something, too.


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