Sand Head

This time of year is hard for lots of people. For me it’s a time of remembering losing my dad. It’s been 15 years. Somehow I’m old enough to have missed my dad for the last fifteen years. This does not compute. It’s always a routine of “this time ___ years ago…” but this year […]

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Post Fair Wrap Up

So I did the fair. It’s done. Here’s the run down I got up and got out the door at a decent hour. After spending far too long getting my happy juice at the local Mercury Coffee, I jauntily headed to set up my craft fair “booth”. (table in a corner near a stack of […]

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Craft Prep

I’m doing my first craft fair today! I thought I was feeling fine about it but recent circumstances have changed my mind. When I first considered doing this I only had 4 completed wreaths. And by “completed wreath” I mean a product I made a year ago that I could not sell in any way […]

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I have nothing to say. Scratch that, I have nothing entertaining to say that I dont want shared with people who look me in the eyes on a daily basis.  I’m smack dab in the middle of familial forty. Nothing overly exciting happens anymore. We have a hamster- ooooh We have a sick cat, currently. […]

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