Craft Prep

I’m doing my first craft fair today! I thought I was feeling fine about it but recent circumstances have changed my mind.

When I first considered doing this I only had 4 completed wreaths. And by “completed wreath” I mean a product I made a year ago that I could not sell in any way shape or form online. 

Exhibit A

So for the past 2 weeks i’ve been making more. I now have 10 and much like the OG 4, I like them a lot. 

This craft fair will not be huge, it’s being hosted by a new neighborhood small business, in fact. However, this thing in my head is taking place in a convention center! I worried that I needed something else to sell, so I made pins and clips, too.

Exhibits B & C πŸ™‚

This all became kind of big. Next I had to decide on pricing…cant i just say “make me an offer!”? 

A friend texted me last night asking how I was occurred to me that I wasnt nervous. I was excited and just worried I’d forget something…like the wreaths or the hooks to hang them.

Anyway, after packing and prepping and planning for the morning I say something to my husband and realize Im getting the tiniest blister on my lip.


What the hell?! 

I find my lip medicine and feel ok again. Then I realize I have no easy place to put the humongous box holding the wreaths. The kids come down before me in the morning ..but I cant keep them up high in case they get knocked over. The styrofoam will snap if they get dropped. (Dont ask how i know 😑) 

I think I find an acceptable spot and my husband points out, “You dont think the cat will chew the feathers, do you?”

Shit. Now I have to deal with him being right about something i’ve missed AND i need a new spot.

Kitchen table will have to do. I go to bed still feeling good, optimistic (unfamiliar territory for me) and excited.

I proceed to have two back to back disasterous dreams – One ending in a fiery explosive bus crash with Ramona from Real Housewives of New York- and the other taking place at a death trap amusement park where my daughter drowns under the Golden Gate Bridge while playing on icebergs.

What.the.hell ?!?!

I decide at 6am sleep was not my friend. I will shake off this heebie jeebie night of disaster. I calm myself by scrolling through FB and decide to write a chuckle post about maybe now feeling nervous….only it does not show up on MY FB page.

Oh no. Where is it? What did I post that to? 

Just our neighborhood facebookpage. No big deal! Only the town I live in that will HOPEFULLY be coming to the craft fair.

Delete delete delete!

After a partially coherent PTDD (post traumatic dream disorder) fit of flying sweaty fingers I think I managed to erase it before it was seen by anyone…at least this is what I am telling myself so this blister does not explode and run rampant over my entire face.

Here’s to a calm and pleasant disaster-free craft fair experience!

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