Still Learning

I’ve been clear that i’m a pretend photographer. I have a semi-fancy camera (Nikon 3300) and I love taking photos. My specialty right now is blurry photos. It’s a gift. I get the perfect opportunity, I click the shutter button, I feel smug and superior and am absolutely sure of my capture and then I […]

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Being A Grown Up

This sucks! I’m trying to let that near miss house go in my head, but my head is not cooperating. My husband and I have had countless discussions about “What if..”  “let’s just say..”  “In the event that…” It’s exhausting. Meanwhile, shit is not getting done around here! Apparently mail wont open and file itself. […]

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I grew up in California. Sunny- actually mostly overcast- always mildly weathered California.  I can now say I’ve also lived in Arizona, Texas, and Washington. California failed to prepare me for actual weather. I’m not talking Boston winter or Louisiana summers, heeelllll nah. I just mean seasons.  My first big thunderstorm in Arizona was awesome! […]

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House Hunting Adventures

Recently I’ve noticed houses in our neighborhood selling really quickly once they go on the market. My husband and I decided to take a peek and see if anything out there would be worth selling our house for. We have some lay out issues with ours in addition to needing a mother-in-law option for my […]

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