I grew up in California. Sunny- actually mostly overcast- always mildly weathered California. 

I can now say I’ve also lived in Arizona, Texas, and Washington. California failed to prepare me for actual weather. I’m not talking Boston winter or Louisiana summers, heeelllll nah. I just mean seasons. 

My first big thunderstorm in Arizona was awesome! I was the only moron outside trying to get pictures of lightening, but it was so amazing! There was actual weather happening!

Texas was one big mind f-ck of weather. Hot Tuesday, cold Wednesday, Tornado watch Thursday and pretty much windy as hell erryday. 

But Washington, beautiful Washington has given me snow. Mild shut-everything-down-for-2-inches-of-snow snow.

The kids had a snow day today and while I love watching it from my warm living room, I dont actually relish all the gear and nonsense to enjoy being in it. I much prefer the beach. (See California girl mentioned earlier)

But my kids love it. My oldest just likes building stuff. He’s not much of a sledder. My daughter loves sledding, but hates hauling the sled up and down, back and forth through the snow. 

All in all we had a fun day, but I am more than ready for sleep. Watching them assemble the snowmen and run around all day is exhausting! 

She had her jacket on all day despite only dipping a toe in when she had to pee
Barney loves the snow, but he pays for being in it later. My old man 😦
Super Dog!

My son’s snowman army. Look close & see the 3 mini snowmen
Morning view from my bedroom
The snow pattern was so beautiful

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