Being A Grown Up

This sucks!

I’m trying to let that near miss house go in my head, but my head is not cooperating. My husband and I have had countless discussions about “What if..”  “let’s just say..”  “In the event that…”

It’s exhausting. Meanwhile, shit is not getting done around here! Apparently mail wont open and file itself. Bills are not yet intuitive enough to get themselves paid. Toys refuse to budge from where the kids leave them.

It’s anarchy!

I guess being a grown up is siphoning through the distraction and being able to maintain normal routines. My kid has some phantom camp coming up the teacher has given zero information on. I have no clue when the payment and registration is due. No idea. School was closed the first two days of this week for Snow Days so i’m sure I can’t count on the teacher to be on top of the information right now.

I feel a bit like i’m drowning. I want to just lay in bed and wallow, but I can’t. My other kid is home sick today as a result of enjoying both snow days. She could not find sleep until after 1am. That meant I did not sleep until around 2 and every sound or bump I had the expectation she would come to me covered in vomit. It’s kind of her thing.

Now I’m playing catch up with bills and checking redfin for the 837th time looking at the same old listings that have been sitting there for weeks and weeks…. including the house we nearly moved into. The money pit. The ramshackle heap of near rubble that happens to be in the perfect location with the exact right amount of spaces and buildings.

Today was supposed to be the day we put our house on the market. My motivation should be attempting to make our house nearly presentable for such an option in the event something falls into our lap… but that just isn’t fun. Not as fun as, say, bitching on my blog and having a pointless pity party.

Wah wah wah. I know. Suck it up and move on… i’m trying !!


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