Still Learning

I’ve been clear that i’m a pretend photographer. I have a semi-fancy camera (Nikon 3300) and I love taking photos. My specialty right now is blurry photos. It’s a gift. I get the perfect opportunity, I click the shutter button, I feel smug and superior and am absolutely sure of my capture and then I get my computer…where I upload the photos and Voila! Blur after wasted blur.

So I opted for a couple Groupons where I could have photos put onto a canvas. I had a few in mind I wanted to do this with and then it hit me. Lesson 13: Photos dont always transfer well to a canvas medium

It took me two hours to select two photos.


The ones in my head did not at all work. I was surprised to learn this lesson but feel it will help immensely with figuring out what photos people might actually want to buy.

Every day’s a school day!

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