Hallelujah, we have sold. After random last minute showing after showing and a whole weekend of open houses, we have sold our house.

We are feeling very thankful and blessed the process is in our favor at the moment. Next up, the reality of documents and inspections and packing and sifting and I’m certain I will be managing lots of tears.

I am now able to feel positive about investing some emotion and excitement in the area we are moving to. It’s just under 10 miles away, but we are moving less than two miles from a huge recreation park. I’m looking very forward to getting the kids signed up for camps for the summer and hoping they meet and make some local friends. It would be nice to start at the new schools knowing some familiar faces.

It would be very nice to celebrate with my husband, but he is sadly in another state at the moment, just until tonight. I guess we will have a delayed celebration. I now need to go handle the pain in my belly that’s been festering since we began this whole ordeal. (and to think we aren’t even through it yet, but just in the middle has me a bit panicky)

Nothing a little vodka wont fix, i’m sure.

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