My therapist was proud of me today and that feels good! 

I am a firm believer in therapy. I feel like absolutely everyone can gain from a little guidance and cheerleading. People don’t often talk about it, but I don’t much care for what people think of me. Take me or leave me, I show you what you’re workin with. 

Therapy has helped my marriage. My husband is a crazy strong man who happens to understand when help is beneficial. I have always admired his strength and someone who can acknowledge when his own limits are met and get help to reign some sanity back in is very sexy. My husband has taught me a lot of things, and the freedom of therapy is one of them.

I’ve worked with our therapist on and off for about 4 years. 

On & off means sometimes weekly, sometimes twice a year, sometimes twice a week. 

I’ve done couples and individual counseling. She’s helped me navigate the lonely, confusing waters of motherhood. She’s helped me understand and manage feelings of second wifehood and stepmotherdom. She’s guided me through the overwhelming valley of ‘oh shit, being MOM isn’t the answer to my all-being?!’. 

It’s helped me understand myself and why I make certain decisions. It’s also helped me not abuse my friendships (too much) by bitching and complaining (too much) about my personal life. Truthfully I think my friends breathe a little sigh of relief when they hear I have an appointment! 😜

It felt good today to hear how far i’ve come and get some positive feedback and encouragement from someone, one of the few people actually, who knows just about every single dysfunction I have carried with me. So i’m taking a moment to enjoy that. 

Letting it all go and just enjoying the view

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