My kids are driving me frigging batty!  I know it’s me and not them…sort of…except for the whining and the not listening and the talking back. That is definitely contributing to my asylum fantasies. But if I were walking, eating fruit instead of chips, crunching on veggies instead of peanut butter toast, they’d still be […]

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Garage Garbage

There is nothing like buying a house to test the limits of your marital bliss, except for maybe sugery for a spouse. ..also moving can definitely make you revisit some wedding vows. My husband and I can now say we survived this all simultaneously over the last four months. The sprinkles on the top of […]

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This is one of my more serious posts… read at your own risk, but be courageous enough to consider reading it and please leave a comment with your thoughts. I believe I have mentioned maybe once or twice (or 8,000 times) that we have recently moved. We went from private-ish acre properties in a huge […]

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Moving Mahem

I say this every time, but seriously. Never again. Or at least not for a long long time. For us that translates to more than 5 years. This move was interesting. It was stressful on many levels, and it was and still is difficult, but we all seem pretty happy with it all. We exchanged […]

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Stress Test

Moving. It’s a stress test. I have failed…or rather my body has failed while my mind wont stop listing all the things that need to be done. We began loading trucks on Wednesday last week. Well, we hired movers, but it seems as though we selected from the clearance rack. The three rag tag men […]

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