Moving Mahem

I say this every time, but seriously. Never again. Or at least not for a long long time. For us that translates to more than 5 years.

This move was interesting. It was stressful on many levels, and it was and still is difficult, but we all seem pretty happy with it all. We exchanged a big yard and old house in need of updating for a newer house with very very little yard in a neighborhood filled with kids.

So we packed up and moved with some assistance with the furniture, as my husband is still “lame”. Literally. He is still in the recovery stages for his bone spur/achilles surgery. Unfortunately the whole box-lifting, truck stepping, garage stacking has set him back a bit with swelling and such. That was his challenge. My challenge became a massive break out of hives all over both upper legs. Big, swollen, patchy red rash that itched like nothing else I’ve ever felt. The more stress I had, the worse the itch and the more it spread.

I finally broke down after all the moving was complete and saw my general doctor who informed me it was a form of eczema. Great. I also had the thyroid talk. We discovered through lab results last fall that I had a low functioning thyroid. He wrote a prescription and digitally sent me the info. No face to face discussion, no question and answer portion, no door #2. I didn’t take them. Since I was sitting face to face itching, I figured i’d look into it a bit more since my exhaustion was reaching newborn parent level at all times regardless of the sleep I had the night before or the nap or the rest. There were some other symptoms I don’t need to go into since I don’t know you like that, but dry skin and further complications from that are very common. (hello, eczema)


Look at those lithe, sleek, toned hives! (yes, i know i have tree trunks disguised as legs. All the more to cover with itchy hives, m’dear!)

(This is after it began to heal, btw)

I’ve been on the meds for two days and I already feel an energy difference. It’s awesome! I don’t feel like a lazy slug in molasses anymore! I’ve had horrible sleep the last two nights and I’m still managing cooking and kid-wrangling and parrot photographing and all the household necessities of life. Yay for drug induced normalcy!

The neighborhood we moved into is girl-challenged just like the one we left, but there are actually a couple of girls here. (the last one had 1… my kid) My daughter was so excited she’s already deemed the girls nearby as her besties. All of this new neighborhood networking is testing my introvert limits. To their credit, everyone here seems genuinely kind and nice and normal. No one seems to be putting on a front or one-upping the next guy. I’ve seen moms in sweats and yoga gear, little make up and full glasses of wine. The fanciest thing i’ve discovered about them is they aren’t afraid to walk around with actual glass while the boys are whacking wiffle balls with bats and scooter derby going on all around. It’s great!

I’ve also been challenged with designing this house to make it appear as if mostly adults live here on purpose and not because it’s a frat house. Real life working grown ups. This means furniture that I get to worry about getting scratched or dented. I have researched and planned and perused more dining room furniture than I ever thought i’d have the brain cells to manage. I’ve been lucky enough to pick and choose a real grown up adult-like sofa with textures and colors and pillows that all match and flow with the wall colors.

It’s a regular science lab around here!

Once this damn rash is finally gone and my meds fully kick in, we are on track for having most of the boxes unpacked and really actually being moved in before the summer!

One thought on “Moving Mahem

  1. Sounds like an awful lot going on, but the thyroid meds are a decent start. I’ve been in them for years. I had eczema for years, too, even on the meds. It mostly went away when we put a filter on our Shower water to pull out the chlorine and fluoride. It made quite a difference. Good luck !


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