Fault Lines

I’ve been reading a book lately. Not a fun book or an entertaining book or even a book by my own choice. This book was recommended by our chiropractor and it breaks down a pretty heavily supported theory about neuro developmental disorders, why kids have them, what it does, and how we can potentially “fix […]

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School Fools

This is not going to be the most eloquent, charming & optimistic post i’ve done. I’m a frustrated mom of a kid who often gets overlooked, harrassed and left behind at school. The reasons are not always his own fault, he’s a quiet kid in a shool setting. He learned early on that if he […]

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A couple weeks ago my kid’s school sent home a note saying that “The Health Talk” was coming up. My son happened to be pretty sick with an on and off fever that week, coincidentally. His friend told him, “You’re lucky you missed it.”. My friend and I were trying desperately to figure out from […]

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Tentative Two Cents

I kept hearing controversy about a Netflix series entitled, “13 Reasons Why”. If there’s anything I love, it’s to jump into a controversy and pick a side. Isn’t this the era for having an opinion and pushing it four steps further and being belligerent and righteous about it and expecting praise and glory? So here’s […]

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Birthday Parties

Children’s birthday parties. More specifically, school friend birthday parties. Did you get a little tummy flutter? Did you picture ponies and gift bags? Then you are not my people. Move along.  Did you cringe and feel sweat bead up on your brow? Did you reach for a nearby cocktail? If so, read on. It’s not […]

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