Here is the difference between dating and marriage. When you cook for your boyfriend and he finds a hair in the food, he may be horrified or grossed out, but he hides it. He does not want to call attention to a potentially embarrassing situation. When your husband finds a hair in the food it […]

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Muppet Musings

The Muppets. What comes to mind? For me it’s fuzz – feelings inside and tactile – laughs, joy, and magic. My kids seem to also appreciate and love the genius ideas of the mastermind that is Jim Henson. When my daughter was about 2 years old we somehow stumbled upon Muppets Treasure Island. We watched […]

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Proof of Love

My husband and I purchased a camp site. “A camp site, you say?” Indeed. A campsite. It’s located in a private membership based park and it’s ours whenever we want it, and for however long we want to stay. There are facilities there for swimming, a mess hall, activity center, on and on and on. […]

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Going Bananas

Summer break. Great, right? Sleeping in, quality time, no schedules, no demands…. Bull$h1t. Beyond week 1 or 2, it’s all bullpucky. Most smart moms schedule camps and fun and paid activities. This cheap mom opted to keep her $400. (what it would cost one kid each one week of some sort of summer camp activity […]

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Circus Berzerkus

(a nod to Skippyjon Jones) When I was little, my mom took me to the circus. It was Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey. The big top. The BIG Top. Tigers, Elephants, Horses, acrobats, tightrope walkers, etc etc etc. It was huge, loud, amazing, and even then I felt bad for the animals. How could […]

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Still Not Camping

Okay, nearly midnight now and we’ve at least managed food shopping and some trailer prep. My kids are excited, my husband is now snoring, and i’m in bed running down a list of what I didnt get done. I usually prep most of the food. Guess what? I didnt do it this time. Guess what? […]

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We are set to go camping for four days starting tomorrow. We have not packed anything into the travel trailer as of 5:52 the night before…. and the camper is housed at a location other than our driveway. Preparing for camping always boggles my mind. I have about a million moments of, “But we have […]

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Balancing Act

Moms. Moms are badass jugglers. We have a running list in our head at all times that ranges from renewing meds, to which bathroom needs toothpaste, to dentist appointments. It’s constant. Somewhere during one of the newborn stages of our offspring we learn how to prioritize that shit.  Bill payment due? Is it already beyond […]

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