We are set to go camping for four days starting tomorrow. We have not packed anything into the travel trailer as of 5:52 the night before…. and the camper is housed at a location other than our driveway.

Preparing for camping always boggles my mind. I have about a million moments of, “But we have that at home already… why are we leaving our house?” and “if we stay home, we can do that so much easier!”

But if we stayed home, we would miss out on the sunburns, the family bonding, and teaching the kids all those fun four letter words that inevitably fall out of mine and/or my husbands mouth at least three times per day.

Camping is really forced bonding with your children. Forced bonding in close quarters until the smell of all the stinky bodies forces you to go back home.

And dammit if campgrounds and parks aren’t getting better and better wifi signals! If I think too long about the long hours ahead without a television, xBox, or my couch I could easily talk myself out of going, but let’s face it.. i’m always happy we did it once we’re back home to our own shower and beds.

Truthfully we are spoiled these days. After two summers of tent camping, the final straw was packing up the campsite in the rain. We opted for a travel trailer. I have awful back issues and my husband has fused disks in his neck. The days of our overpowered, aged, broken bodies rolling around on the ground in the name of “sleep” are over. Let’s face it, for me they were never here. The trailer makes it all so much easier!

I have prepared our camping menu and shopping list and now as a borderline diabetic, I must admit. Carbs and sugar make up 99% of camp food! What the hell? Who wants to grill vegetables after a day of kite flying and sunbathing?

Not this heiffer.

No s’mores?! No cinnamon rolls cooked over an open flame?! No camping hashbrowns?!

Nope. For me it’s eggs. Eggs, with a side of fruit & eggs, followed by more eggs and some veggies. I guess I should be thankful I’m not dairy intolerant at this point.

Bon Voyage!


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