Still Not Camping

Okay, nearly midnight now and we’ve at least managed food shopping and some trailer prep. My kids are excited, my husband is now snoring, and i’m in bed running down a list of what I didnt get done. I usually prep most of the food.

Guess what? I didnt do it this time.

Guess what? We’re still going and i’ll cook it there like a pro. (See: i’ll burn it there using new fandangled trailer stove top/oven I dont actually know how to operate yet) 

Seriously, I have barely figured out my convection oven at home. The travel trailer kitchen is like cooking a meal in a dollhouse. 

But it will be great, we will love it, and who doesnt love a meal when you get to burn the dish after?! Go pyro camp! 

On a totally unrelated note, you know how after you’ve been with your significant other for a while you notice how your moods can even out and somehow merge together, compensating for the spouse who is in a less-than-perky mood resulting in a day ending with unicorns and rainbows and a mutual respect for one another? 

No? Me either. Here’s hoping last minute camping prep and frazzled packing does not end our marriage – or his life. 

This post brought to you by Prozac, Vodka, and your friendly local Attorney 


One thought on “Still Not Camping

  1. We loved taking our kids camping as they grew up. We all have genuinely fond memories. Like you, we got a travel trailer because (1) we couldn’t handle sleeping on the ground, (2) I’m unwilling to spend a week without showering; and (3) there are lots of bears in our state. We loved it all, but my husband and I needed a vacation when we returned, every single time. It is a lot of F–ing work.


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