The Night Before

1st Day of school! 1st Day of School!!!

Y’all know i’m excited, right? Things around here have been quite busy and active the last few weeks. Between camping and back to school shopping, i’m just in survival mode. Today was supposed to be the epic last day of summer spectacular where we either lounge around the house all day playing video games and watching TV, or maybe take in a movie and gorge on popcorn and soda and all manner of Crap.

Neither happened.

I had scheduled an orthodontist appointment weeks ago assuming the kids would be back in school by now. Nope! So we got to spend our last day of summer running errands. Haircuts, orthodontist, backpack shopping, blah blah frickin blah.

Right now Washington state has declared a state of emergency for all of the fires currently burning. Our land is not amenable to late summer. The grass and trees demand regular sacrifices of rain in exchange for oxygen. This does not happen regularly in August (The ONLY month this does not regularly occur) so the land fights back in the form of fire, smoke and ash.

My son, who has long since been done with asthma, was coughing quite a bit this morning. I myself woke up with a face full of junk from sleeping with windows open all night.

The other kicker is that it’s been in the upper 80’s/low 90’s so the suckers who live here without air conditioning haven’t had a lot of choice but to open windows to cool off. This results in coughing, burning eyeballs, and all sorts of party behaviors.

So driving around with my anxious, agitated, coughing, bickering little heathens today was less than ideal.

I bought a giant bottle of spiced rum at target along with the backpack and notebook paper and I didn’t even feel guilty about it. My children were kind enough to maintain their bickering all throughout the line, so by the time we were done everyone wanted to share that bottle with me. Guilt alleviated.

After stifling my giddiness about the 1st day of school with irritation and annoyance at the bedtime antics, I finally dive into the gift bag of paperwork my daughter was sent home with at the meet the teacher night we had last week.

Guess what?! There was homework in there. Of COURSE there was! So now we get to start the school year off with, “Wake up! Hurry up and eat so you can do your homework.”

I also discovered the “What areas do you want us to work on with your child?” three page questionnaire.

I don’t think i’m gonna like this teacher much. … or maybe i’ll send her a nip of my spiced rum and she’ll cool her homework jets.

Happy 1st Day of School, moms !!!! We will never be so happy to wake up early to prepare food as we will be tomorrow.

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