Raving Lunatic

You know how they say you shouldnt go to bed angry?

They also say to sleep on it and not make a rash decision. It’ll all look better in the morning. 

This does not apply to social media. I’m fuming right now, but mostly at the power I have given Facebook to infuriate me. 

I’m speaking about the fucking community groups. That is the downfall of FB for me. You never know what morons reside in your community until you post something in a community group. It could be anything! There’s no formula! You know why? Because stupidity is random. It has no formula. You know what stupidity likes? Instant gratificashun. (See what i did there?)

What sets you off in an argument? For me it’s feeling dismissed based on an irrelevant fact or an untruth. Also, lack of insight. I work hard to try and see how others have to live. I try to appreciate things others may not experience. I dont want to judge because I dont want to have to endure your hardships to understand your plight. Everyone actually has their own path and if you disagree with a person’s life choice, you better be willing to walk on that path and take the same hits and bruises.

I hate self righteousness. No one knows what the fuck they are doing! You can have a plan and work hard to execute it, but you dont always have control! 

Today as the mob of parents stood at the bus stop, a teenager flew by on a dirt bike. The kid had no helmet, no license plate, no sense. We all looked at each other and just chuckled it off. Afterall, “teenagers”, am I right? 

The school bus makes it’s first stop down the road and kids exit. The motorcycle has reached the end of the adjoining street where the kids are now off the bus, and we hear him speeding back towards us. As the school bus is approaching our stop, the guy rounds the corner and starts to haul ass towards us and the braking bus. Myself and a dad step towards the biker and shout for him to slow down.

He rides past flipping us off, snickering, and mimicking slapping a horses rear as he flies back where he came from.

We all just looked at each other dumb-founded. The kids are now exiting the bus and we have no idea if he’s turning back around, so we hurry the kids across the road and onto the side walk. 

This was totally ridiculous and enfuriating and dangerous. 

Later I post on the neighborhood site regarding this, encouraging people to speak to this person if they know him, because it’s not safe to pull this crap in the middle of school bus drop off.

Enter town trolls.

This is where everyone wants to chime in and make their social statements based on a situation a-they did not witness and b-refuse to acknowledge. 

To their credit, the community began well intentioned and supportive, but there is a cap on that. Social media only allows a modicum of positivity. The rants soon began about teenagers being teenagers and uptight adults and the (sarcastic) horror of kids not staying indoors to play games and watch TV.

I eventually figured out I had the power to cancel comments. I also decided to not further jump down the rabbit hole. I left 2 community groups ans I feel better already. 

You can lead an idiot to logic, but you cant make him think. You know why? Because the idiots like to live in their own bubbles. 

I desperately want to be done with my rant. I do! Perhaps I will learn how to walk among the level-headed that roam the earth, away from Facebook. 

Rant complete. 

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