For my birthday this year i’m taking my daughter on a trip to Disneyland! We did it once before and had a total blast, so I am lucky enough to get to do it again. This is also a “thank you for taking such good care of me after surgery” trip. My husband hasn’t said this specifically, but I translate the swipe of my credit card to say it.

The fun part is that I’m not telling her we are going. My kid gets sick every time we have a vacation scheduled. The bigger the trip, the bigger the ailment. It usually involves ralphing. I’m experimenting to see if I don’t tell her, will she still get sick, or will she wait until we are on the plane and all the excitement is made up for in one big event. Please Lord in Heaven, let it not be the latter.

She has left projectile vomit at Disneyland twice, and once at Disney World. I’d like to say that era is behind us.

I was sure someone would ruin the surprise by now. I have been the only one to nearly spill the beans, so kuddos to all of us for that!

In preparation for this trip, I have had to leave instructions for my husband as to how to best care for our oldest.

Sidenote: No he is not going to Disneyland. Yes it was his choice. If you are low on reading sources to put you to sleep at night, please check out the archives to learn more about the reasons my 11 year old hates fast, fun, thrilling rides. As for the husband, he would rather gouge out his eyes with chopsticks than voluntarily attend an amusement park. This, friends, is how a family of 4 can afford a Disney trip.

So back to it. I had to leave instructions. The after school activities begin next week, so I picked the exact right time to leave town! Making this list has taught me that a-damn! I do actually do more than sit around and eat bon bons, and b- if my husband doesn’t already hope it, he better sacrifice a small farm animal so I may live forever.

I’m managed most of the packing, and now we wait for the morning when I get to wake up my daughter with the world’s best phrase: “Wake up, we’re going to Disneyland!”

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