Adventures Cont

Disney really knows how to excite you, and then beat the shit out of you until you cannot fathom one more minute or ride in the park. 

Today we tackled California Adventures. And by “tackle” I mean limped and crawled our way through it. 

I dont know how to say this, but damn, im old! I used to saunter through these parks with my annual pass in my twenties wearing a smidge of deoderant, a dollop of sunscreen, Old Navy rubber flip flops, and a useless ATM card and still be able to be a human being the next day. Now? Now I claw and fight to make it to the fireworks show at the main park wafting green fumes around and i’m lucky if I last until late lunch at California Adventures burnt to a crisp.

Granted, I wasnt verbally ping ponging with my offspring every time a souvenir shop or cart came into view. I didnt argue or fret over the contents of my kid’s last meal bubbling up at inopportune times. (not that there is ever a great time for that) But still. My feet woulf give me the middle finger now if they could. 

I brought tennis shoes, but forgot to pack socks. I’ve been in very comfy, but not ideal flip flops (Oofos) for 2 days at the parks. That muscle that connects & operates the front of your shin down to your foot is just on strike at this point. 

Anyway, I was looking very forward to laying low today and indulging in some of the Blog Food i’ve seen circling the interwebs since Princess Pukerella seemed to be doing fine. We started the day with the Bug Land rides, then headed over to Cars Land. That Cozy Cone spot was highly blogged about so we checked it out. 

I am not a mac & cheese fan, so i opted for the Chili CONE Queso. It was tasty.

I do not, however, recommend attempting a heavy duty rollercoaster anytime in the same 2 hours as eating this bad boy. We did Radiator Springs Racers afterwards and that was totally fine. I got greedy. I finally had someone willing to try out the rollercoaster with me! I have only been to this park a handful of times and have never ridden California Screamin’. 

It was not pretty. We took off and my head immediately was not a willing participant. The rattling and jostling and rattling did a number on my head (did i mention the rattling?) and then feeling dizzy going that fast with that many drops and then a loopty loop nearly tossed my chili all over the ride.

But we happily exited and decided never to go on it again. My daughter kept telling me, “Now you know why no one wanted to go on it before!”

Thanks, kid. Got it.

The rest of the day was Soarin’, the rapids ride, and some yummy food. The last treat of the day was a ghiradelli sundae. The cost of this thing was just stupid. We walked it over to the Radiator Springs Racers for our 2nd go and while in line, after the hot fudge congealed into chunky globs, my stomach and borderline lactose intolerance had me toss it. It was painful to throw away 4 bites, but less painful than finishing it.

It was a great day, we are very thankful and happy with our trip. The kiddo got to see lots more characters than at Disney. She has learned the truth about the costumes, but we talked about the fun of pretending and drinking the kool aid. The jury is still out on Spiderman, though. The superhero thing is muddy water with real live action movies. She wanted to believe, I let her have Spidey…afterall, he spoke! “The other ones dont do that, mom” plus, he had nice muscles so what’s the harm in that? 

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