Being Needed

My big kid is 11. Admittedly, he could be considered a momma’s boy. I’m ok with that. The oldest is the guinea pig, and they teach us the most about parenting…usually the parts you don’t like very much. The oldest has the biggest expectations in front of them, and also the most frustration and somehow […]

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Plague 2017

This post brought to you by : Mucinex This month has been pretty hectic, not unlike most folks’ Decembers, i’m sure. My daughter was home sick in the beginning of the month, and I fully expected to catch it like usual. What I did not expect, however, was for it to turn into the plague […]

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Annual Melancholy

Every year I fight to find some Christmas spirit. My holiday is Halloween. Love it, decorate way early for it, watch all the movies, play all the music and this past year even took my daughter on a combined birthday trip to Disneyland to experience the Halloween Haunted Mansion/park experience. It was so much fun! […]

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Holding It Together

Most of a parents’ job is holding your shit together. No matter what, you are expected to hold. it. together. Use glue, use tape, use chewing gum, use spit, use whatever you need to to hold. it. TOGETHER, man! I sometimes find that I get into these shitty moods. Craptacular moods that put “hangry” to […]

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Overspending Is In The Air

It’s that time of year again! Rejoice! For unto the earth a credit limit is reached. Mom guilt, peer expectations, and childhood emotional baggage all crammed into one joyous day month. It seems it’s been 17 days since my last post. It’s taken nearly this long to recover from the loose tooth drama. We have […]

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