Plague 2017

This post brought to you by : Mucinex

This month has been pretty hectic, not unlike most folks’ Decembers, i’m sure. My daughter was home sick in the beginning of the month, and I fully expected to catch it like usual. What I did not expect, however, was for it to turn into the plague of the year. This thing morphed from a hard-hitting knock out cold to a lingering cough, to a disturbing sleep interrupting nuisance. I want off the roller coaster.

To date it’s been about 2 weeks and here’s the damage:
Boxes of kleenex: lost count after 4
Boxes of Mucinex: Currently beginning box 4
Bottle of Nyquil: 1 bottle
Zycam spray: 1 bottle
Cough drops: 2 bags
Husbands Patience: working on the last thread
Children’s Concern: Growing
Holiday Parties: 2 – 1 of which I organized and executed solo
99% of holiday shopping: Amazon
Laundry done: none.
Meals prepped: infinity

I’m worn out. I am so glad the kids are on break right now because driving them to and from last week in our freezing temps was not fun. I am going to be Sloth Mom for the duration of this break and I do not feel at all guilty for it. This time last year I was nursing my husband back from foot surgery. I was making a bed every single night for the first time in my then 40 years on this planet. I was waiting on, bandaging, medicating, chauffeuring, and somewhat emotionally supporting him. Looks like it’s my turn this year.

I’ve been putting off making Christmas plates for the neighbors because, let’s face it, no one wants to eat a plate of plague cookies. Even if I shower and put on clean clothes to pass them out, no one is going to purposely ingest anything this face or hands has hovered over. .. but I already bought the ingredients. Maybe i’ll send my little elves to pass them out so no one has to witness the zombie chef who made the actual food. Mwahahahahaaaaa

Merry *cough* Christmas *spit*
Ho Ho Ho

One thought on “Plague 2017

  1. I can relate to sick Christmas. What I can’t relate to is cookies for all the neighbors. You must be a REALLY nice person and know your neighbors a lot better than I do. Good for you!


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