Sucking It Up

I know I’m a bit of a whiner. I get it. I’m the youngest of 3 and the only girl, so it was my job to make things big and dramatic and exciting growing up.

Nearly 2 years ago (21 months in ‘toddler time’) my kids and I were in an accident. It was fine in that we all walked away from it. People like to remind you of that when it happens. It was terrifying for my kids and not exactly a cake walk for me, but yes we all walked away from it. After 5 months of seeing our chiropractor and painful massage therapy for me, my kids and I were deemed “as good as it’s gonna get”. (More for me than the kids, they healed fantastically)

Just before the accident I had started getting into swimming as an acceptable non-torturous exercise. I could be weightless, no sweat to deal with, no wiping down of soggy crotch after someone else was on a machine. It was great. Unfortunately my whiplash and shoulder pain did not agree with said exercise.

Recently my husband has been gung ho on swimming at our new gym. I tentatively join in here and there but still have shoulder pain when I swim. Coupled with the nightly sleep interruption from the same pain and I decided to see someone after my lawyer coached me to get checked out.

The appointment was today. I have a hard time with these things because if my bones are still on the inside of my body and there is no blood to be seen, I feel like 2 advil, a hot shower & I should be good to go.

That whole “What number is your pain on a scale of 1 to 10″ chart makes me cringe every time. I dont like to put down anything over 3. I can suck it up. But this shoulder stuff has been everyday for almost 2 years. I did my best.

I did the X-rays. I did the exploratory evaluation. I wanted there to be something to show I’m not crazy for feeling this, but I didnt’t want anything substantial either.

It turns out that my collar bone was pulled away from my shoulder joint in the accident. ..”but just a little”

A little. A couple of millimeters.

“Nothing substantial.”

This immediately reminded me of being told my cough was just a little bit of pneumonia last year.

Now in the grand scheme of things, of course this is inconsequential. This doctor sees massive issues and injuries in people all day long.

But what that means for me is “no big deal”. Take a couple aspirin and suck it up.

He did suggest an MRI due to the length of time it’s been an issue but racking up that cost when it’s unknown if it will pay off is not really a thrilling notion for myself or my husband.

Getting old sucks. Getting in car accidents sucks harder. I’d like to say these old lady aches and pains are from snowboarding or parasailing or rock climbing but no. Just your everyday run of the mill car accidents and minor bone-joint separation.

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